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What you Believe affects Everything!


What you believe affects everything else in your life. Where did you get all of your beliefs?

Our beliefs are for the most part created between birth to 7 years of age, you've probably heard these years called the formative years and that they are. These are the years that you are learning about the world around you, how things work, how to communicate, what is appropriate behavior, how to respond to different situations, etc..

So, imagine your unknowing parents arguing in front of you, this gives you the belief that this action is okay, it's how everyone does it you assume. You will carry this belief with you throughout your life and so it goes generation after generation. Faulty beliefs being passed down over and over, until someone decides to change their beliefs. They decide to take a closer look and think, do I really believe that or did I just assume that was correct because of my circumstances?

There are so many different beliefs about so many different things, but if you take the time to contemplate, you can understand how changing them or contemplating on whether that belief is even true for you or even should be true for you can be life changing.

Changing our beliefs can take time, but the end results can be quite amazing. Most of us our so stuck in our old faulty beliefs, they have become a part of us a part of how we think and live.

To change our beliefs, start by contemplating and making a list of those beliefs, like how something should be done, how your children should be raised, is it okay to live in a cluttered house?, is it okay to get angry? to throw things?

After you have completed your list, decide what on that list is really true for you. Then, ask God/Source how you can change that belief. Some will be easy to change, some will not. You will tend to notice that when you have children, they will pick up on your beliefs, so choose wisely what you want to pass on.

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