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Your Healing Journey

As you start on this journey, you may be wondering what I do and how it can help you.  

What do I do? 

    I do many things, the most important is to guide you on your journey to healing.

How do I accomplish this: 

     We work together using different techniques to help change your thought patterns, clear emotional baggage(yes, we all have some) change your habits and more.  Some of the things I use to accomplish these goals:

  *   Gratitude journaling

  *   Emotion Code/Body Code

  *   Working on changing your perception via positive thinking

I have found that a combination of all of these works best.

How long will it take to feel a difference?  

    You might feel a difference immediately, or it may take awhile, everyone is different.

Do you have monthly classes or memberships?

    I will have a monthly membership set up in the near future with video classes on different topics.

Can you help my pet?

   Yes, I can do sessions for pets, they are very much like humans in regard to emotions.

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