Reflecting in the Meadow


I was first introduced to Body Code by Melissa. I had not heard of it before. I was skeptical at first but as Melissa told of her very successful encounters of how she was able to heal people through this process I began to believe in it myself. After she did my first session I became a believer!!! While it may sound somewhat impossible it really does work!!! Even though there are many things I could share, I will share a couple of things that especially amazed me. The first is, I was having pain in the middle of my back that was really painful. Melissa did a session on me and it immediately began to feel much better. Another session that again amazed me was I had a bad sinus infection & bronchitis during Christmas time. When I was done taking my antibiotics I still didn't feel like it was totally cleared up. Melissa did not know that I was considering going back to my doctor for another round of antibiotics to clear it up. After another session, Melissa cleared a bacterial infection for me. In the days that followed I was able to cough up and blow my nose getting rid of yellowish phlegm to finish healing completely and I finally felt much better. Our emotions definitely have a great effect on how we feel physically. Everyone has emotional issues that effect our health and can be cleared. Melissa is a very kind, caring, and knowledgeable person who can help anyone with her expertise in the the Body Code.


A very satisfied person,

Suzanne W.

Melissa is absolutely amazing! I had SO MANY food sensitivities, I could barely eat. With her help, I am able to eat so much more, with much less reactions, most foods are completely fine! She has taught me how to heal my body and my emotional traumas in a way that makes sense and tangible in everyday life.  I can't thank Melissa enough for giving me my life back! ❤️


Claire Ambrose 

As we are made in the image of God, we are whole beings and our minds and emotions are deeply integrated with our bodies. So when we are sick and ailing, especially chronically, we need to do an emotion inventory, clear up and let go of what is making us sick. 


It can help a great deal to have an experienced and reliable guide to help along the way. Melissa is that guide. The results you will experience speak for themselves. 

Arnold Jagt

Melissa is miracle worker!


Melissa offered healing services for my daughter who struggles with chronic pain, anxiousness and insomnia. Within weeks, my daughter was sleeping through the night and feeling better mentally, physically and emotionally than she has in years.


The services and feedback Melissa offered has been invaluable and we are so thankful for her amazing gift of healing.


With appreciation, 


Rabun County, GA

I don't know why the techniques Melissa uses works.  I only know they do.  No matter what your health needs are, contact her now!  Don't wait!  You can reclaim your health, but not the wasted time!    RL

When Melissa first told me about The Body Code and Emotion Code it was hard to believe it could really work. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety from all sorts of things and doctors didn’t know what to do. Melissa identified an allergy and some long-stored emotions and helped me clear my body of things I didn’t even know were still problems. 
I now have significantly less anxiety and have learned how to clear things and retrain my brain for when it does pop-up.

I’m so thankful She took the time to work with me and help learn things about my body that doctors couldn’t figure out.

Melissa is an amazing, caring healer! 


She offered to do sessions with my daughter who struggled from past traumas and sensitivities/allergies. Even though my daughter has loads more work to do, she is able to consume somethings she was unable to previously and some of her symptoms from the traumas have lessened. 


Melissa is very attentive, caring, supportive and walks you through everything she is doing and teaches you how to do somethings without her. She is a true healer!


I highly recommend her to others! Don't wait any longer, book a session with her. You will NOT regret it! 💞🌀💞