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5 Tips to Making the Best of your New Years Resolutions

I know, I know, everyone makes resolutions, but few keep them or they don't stick to them for very long. Do you ever wonder what keeps you from following through on these resolutions?

I've spent many years myself wondering why I can be so motivated to make changes and then fall off the bandwagon! Well, the bottom line is that we like to take the easy road and change requires a little work and possibly working through some resistance. Resistance could mean, things , people, beliefs or parts of us that keep us from changing.

So, what can you do about these resistances?

Tip #1 - Visualize how you want to be

We spend so much time focusing on how we are or how our life is, but next to no time is spent on pondering on what we want to be , how we want to show up in the world. What does that look like to you? Are you confident? Happy? Calm?

Find an image to represent what you're striving for, can be an image in your mind or a photo in a magazine, it simply needs to be a reminder to keep you on track. Post the picture on your home screen, your bathrooom mirror, where ever you frequent.

Tip #2 - Take baby steps

No matter what your resolution is, it's best to take baby steps towards that goal/resolution. Break it down into manageable chunks. For instance, if you plan on working out as a goal, don't start out thinking you're going to work out every single day for 2 hours, that's extreme and it you've been doing nothing, making such a lofty goal sets you up for failure.

Instead, ramp into working out, maybe the first week, you walk 5,000 every day and bump it up by 1000 per week. Take it slow and easy so that your mind and body don't sabotage your efforts.

Tip #3 - Keep it Simple

It's easy to think we can make all kinds of changes in the New Year, but the best way to success is to keep it simple. Again, by starting small, pick two goals and work towards them, baby step by baby step. This allows for you to feel successful instead of overwhelmed.

Tip #4 - Get Support

So many times we try to conquer something new without any support from friends, family or anyone. This is a sure fire way to fail. Enlist your family to be your cheerleader or at least to encourage you along the way.

Book a quick 20 minute session to help keep you on track. You'd be surprised how many things can throw us off track emotionally. Let's clear those away!

Tip #5 - Keep your Goal in Front of You

It's so easy to set goals and then forget about them. Keep your goal in front of you.. Literally, if you want to make changes, focus on what steps you need to get there and make a plan. Whatever it is that you're wanting, lose weight, change your perspective on life, improve your business, all of these take a little babysitting on your part. Look at your goal and plan every single day. Know what the action plan is for the day and do it. Dont' be discouraged if a day gets thrown off course here and there, just keep moving forward.

Only you can make the changes you're looking for

If you need help moving forward, book a mini session so that we can make a plan to clear what's keeping you from succeeding!

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